• Comprehensive Energy Research
    We deliver services in a range of
    research areas to support business
    analysis and decision making in the
    energy industry.
  • Apt Analysis
    Providing detailed and robust economic
    analysis on our various products and services
    in a cost-effective manner is one of
    the key strengths as a business.
  • Low Carbon Strategy
    The Kyoto Protocol heralded the introduction of
    unilateral and multi-lateral targets for green-house
    gas emission.
  • Energy Regulation
    We provide encircling studies on different regions,
    countries and sectors to help inform business
    choice using data and up-to date methodologies.

Recent Work

Our portfolio includes some of the consulting we have offered to our clients recently. Feel free to navigate through them here. Also, you can access them from our portfolio page.

Latest Papers

On a regular basis, we provide free articles on diverse energy related issues affecting the global economy with emphasis on both the OECD and developing countries.

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Nigeria will be turning to nuclear energy to boost its installed electricity generating capacity and

Global Oil Reserves- 2015 Facts and Figures

This study will look at crude oil reserves in six geographical regions highlighting the reserves pot

Growth-Inequality Challenge in Nigeria

The recent announcement of the Nigeria’s GDP growth of 6.5 percent in the second quarter of 2